New information website for victims of crime

As part of the on-going support to improve services to victims the Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes has today (9th June 2015) launched a new information website.

The new website ‘Cumbria Together’ is an information portal for victims and witnesses and their families or friends to access information as well as support in their area covering a wide range of crimes.  The website was one of the recommendations of the independent report called ‘Care and Consideration – A voice for victims’ that highlighted the need for information for victims to be easily accessible in one single place.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes said: “I am pleased to launch the Cumbria Together website which has been developed following consultation with victims about what they would like to have in place to support them when they are at their most vulnerable.

“Support to victims is very much at the heart of the Police and Crime Commissioner and one of the key ways of breaking the cycle of crime is to support victims from being vulnerable.

“The website is unique in that it brings together all agencies into one website so it is easy to access.  There is a ‘safe mode’ which allows people to revert to a common web page if they need to when they are accessing information that may be sensitive to them.

“There is a section for young people so that they can access information to support them.

“The launch of the website is the first stage and I would ask people to get in contact with their views to developing it further and I would also ask for support organisations to let us know if they have relevant information as well.”

The website address is:


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