Growing Our Own

Principle 1 – Growing Our Own


We believe that the people who live here in Barrow in Furness have gifts and talents which are untapped and could make a real difference to their neighbourhoods and the wider community – to our place.

We think as a community we should support people to take the steps that they need so they can develop their aspirations and dreams and reach their potential. We also believe that this would make us stronger and more sustainable as a place.

We expect that the people who come to services for help and support will bring assets and skills with them which they can share and which will contribute to our community’s well-being.

We want to work together to provide unique tailor-made opportunities for everyone to develop and achieve their aspirations, thinking creatively about our individual and collective needs.

We value equality and the idea that those people who come to services for help in the first instance can use their own experience to give back and make the transition to volunteer or peer mentor or become a staff member themselves.

We believe that, with the right support, even some of the individuals or people from families who face the most consistent and complex challenges can become our future workforce. Turning their life experience into a valuable asset and through their presence be a role model for those who come after them.

We also want to work with the children and young people who live here to find out what they think about the idea of ‘Growing our Own’ and what support they feel they might need from us. We want to encourage a sense of pride and satisfaction in young people for our place and the idea that they are an integral part of our place and our future.


“This is the person I always should have been … this person was always inside me … it took the guidance of the people around me, their help, their love and care to bring this version of me out.”

-Research participant, Barrow