The Barrow Way

What is The Barrow Way?

Hello and welcome to The Barrow Way section of our website.


The Barrow Way is a project managed here at Women’s Community Matters. It was originally called Love Barrow Together and is funded by Lankelly Chase. The original Love Barrow Together partnership developed the concept of The Barrow Way.


The Barrow Way is a set of 12 principles which aim to describe how we believe services could, or should be delivered, so that the people of Barrow in Furness and surrounding area, get the best services possible.


We, and lots of other individuals and local organisations, think that the 12 principles can be useful in helping us think about how we design, deliver and develop better services both in the public sector: councils, health services etc. and in the third sector: organisations like us, charities and community groups for example.


The 12 principles cover things like,

how we ‘grow our own’ workforce;

recognising the skills and assets of everyone;

making sure our services are co-produced;

recognising the importance of how we do things not just ‘what’ we do;

making sure that attachment theory and trauma-informed practice inform what we do;

making sure the spaces we create are friendly, welcoming and safe;

understanding the importance of positive and trusting relationships and more.


If you click on any of the 12 principles, you’ll find a description of what that principle means, signposts to some additional resources and information relating to that principle and a short video explainer about the principle. You’ll also notice we have linked each of the principles to the relevant ‘star’ from the Barrow’s New Constellation project.