Valuing and Sharing Our Gifts

Principle 2 – Valuing and Sharing Our Gifts


Everyone has unique gifts, skills, knowledge and talents to share and welcoming these gifts is valuable for individuals, families, neighbourhoods and our wider community.

We want to find ways of appreciating what we already have here in Barrow in Furness and celebrating the friendly, co-operative and helpful ways of being that already exist between people.

We want to live in a place that does not do anything that dismisses or undermines this idea and we need to know if local people do not feel valued, included, cared for and able to care about others – that people are able to exercise their power and agency. This is part of what is sometimes called an asset-based approach or asset-based community development.

We want people and their families to know that our services are here to help, if and when they might be needed. We know that individuals and families who often access services the most, do not always feel they receive the right help at the right time. Part of the solution to this is that we include and recognise the gifts, skills, knowledge and talents of everyone who accesses our services, recognising their lived experience as valuable knowledge (see principle 3 about co-production). Moreso, recognising that people might want to find their own solutions, rooted in their communities, and that these are often the most effective and powerful ways to solve problems and address issues.

We also believe that although roles and responsibilities are important, we should value and share what we each bring to the role that we have, collaborating and sharing what we have for the benefit of our place, our community and ourselves.


“Everyone has a purpose in life… a unique gift or special talent to give to others.”

-Deepak Chopra