Safe Hands

Principle 4 – Safe Hands – experts on tap, not on top


In line with Principle 3 about valuing and sharing our gifts and assets we want to make sure that we are clear about what people can do for themselves, we celebrate the existing strength and culture of our place and ensure that when people do need help it is available and is backed up by the experience and wisdom that we have in our local services – by the local expertise that is available. We recognise that people need to feel that they are in safe hands and can trust services when they are vulnerable and seeking help.

We recognise also that professional caring services need to be safe places in which to work and that they need to value relationship-based practice. In line with making the most of the gifts and assets that exist here we want to make sure that our most experienced, knowledgeable and skilled caring professionals are trusted with leading a joined up, co-produced system that values our principles and our place.

We want to move away from target driven, risk averse practices to a whole system that provides for everyone and manages the day-to-day risk inherent in our complex lives by collaborating with colleagues, sharing information and properly listening to, and understanding, those who come to us for help and support. We want to be available, collaborative and work alongside people – on tap. Not using our position and expertise to ‘do to’ people – on top.

We want to provide protection and safety through a neighbourhood approach that relies upon us utilising the experience and skills we have in our professional and community networks to ensure all our services and the people that we serve have the best possible chance of leading fulfilling lives.


“As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves.”

Carl Rogers

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