One Front Door – Principle 5


“The concept of One Front Door is that individuals and families use a single access point to seek help for a wide variety of issues e.g. mental health for adults and children, housing, substance misuse, domestic violence etc. Having one pathway to support, regardless of the risk and complexity of a person or family’s issues, simplifies the process of help-seeking for both public and professionals, creating more transparency across teams and reducing gatekeepers and interventions.”

One Front Door Helps Solve Complex Social Problems – ECINS


“The needs, vulnerabilities and risks of family members are connected. A mental health worker supporting a vulnerable woman should know if there is domestic abuse in the household. A child safeguarding team should be aware of substance misuse in the home.

If information isn’t shared then we deal with one person and one concern at a time. This leads to opportunities being missed to help people and lives being put unnecessarily at risk.

But if we work together and build a picture of each family that reflects how people actually live their lives then we can help people earlier and more effectively.”

Safe Lives


“No one understands what is happening for us as a family. We have eight different workers in our house but each one cares about something different.”

Domestic Abuse Survivor


“We need institutions and cultures where people are kind to each other, where kindness is valued and nurtured in everything we do. Unless we are routinely subject to the kindness of others, we will have little kindness to share ourselves. The kindness of others sustains our own.”

Anon NHS worker


“A clearly articulated and properly formulated purpose—one that members of the organization understand and value—provides continuity and constancy while placing the need to adapt to changing customer needs at the heart of the company’s shared values.”

Ellsworth in Tronto J C https://doi.org/10.1080/17496535.2010.484259


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