Magic Dust

Principle 12 – Magic Dust


We believe that there is some magic in our culture and the neighbourliness and goodness that exists in our place, something special. It might be because we love where we live and care about what happens here and care about the people who live here but whatever it is, it feels like there is something special when we all come together and pull together to make things happen.

We know that whilst it is impossible to define it is also linked to strong relationships, love, understanding, trust and equality. We believe some of the ‘magic’ might come from following the ideas and thoughts that we’ve outlined in the rest of The Barrow Way principles. Maybe the magic happens when we can follow as many of those principles as we can – or sometimes just by following a few in a certain situation. However it is, we believe that the other 11 principles of The Barrow Way can help us deliver our services as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that in some cases that will be special – or magic!

But all of it is about more than just the theories and ideas people have proposed over the years, some of which we’ve included in The Barrow Way. It is about being human, our shared humanity. It is about when those ideas and theories become real, through our values, behaviours and collective endeavours. When our theory and practice becomes unified as a way of being that best serves ourselves and our neighbours, our wider community and society as whole.

We want to celebrate what we have here in Barrow in Furness, what might be regarded as ordinary, and we want to provide something that can be left with people to flourish, leading to small changes and joy that we may not be able to monitor or measure easily. We think these things are significant for our place, the people who live and work here and can help provide something good for the future of our place and our young people.

In the words of one of the Barrow’s New Constellation Project’s Guiding Stars “Will future generations look back and thank us?”


“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

Eden Phillpotts

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