Keeping People at the Centre – Principle 6


“It seems intuitively right that any political system which claims to be democratic should have at its core an orientation towards the full participation of its citizens. At the very least, democratic institutions should be organised in a way that ensures that no individual citizen is structurally incapable of participating: democratic participation should be meaningfully understood by all citizens as something that they can do.”

Dacombe R and Parvin P, 2021


“… trust is a dynamic concept and positive experiences create more positive expectations, which are crucial for a foundation of trust to be formed more broadly.”

Community Development Foundation


“The Person-Centred Approach (PCA) is an approach to human relationships. It values attitudes such as: not judging others, trying to understand the experiences of others from their point of view, and fully honouring the uniqueness of the individuals we meet in a genuine and heartfelt way.”

Person-Centred Approach – Person-Centred Living (personcentredliving.uk)


“Of the numerous inequalities that exist in participation, the relationship between socio-economic status and democratic engagement forms the clearest and most consistent finding of empirical work in the area – put simply, the poorest members of any society are those least likely to participate in a wide range of democratic activities, such as voting, political party membership or civic activism.”

Dacombe R and Parvin P, 2021


“What happens when your customers become central to everything your organisation does? You see those customers in full colour. You understand their motivations, needs, and wants … so you can create and deliver better, uniquely resonant experiences to them. They trust in you and your offerings, driving … outcomes: satisfaction, retention, expansion and referrals.”

Scott Brown


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