Attachment Theory – Principle 8


“Since its inception more than 50 years ago, attachment theory has become one of the most influential viewpoints in the behavioural sciences.”

Thompson R A and Simpson J A, 2022, Full article: Taking perspective on attachment theory and research: nine fundamental questions (tandfonline.com)


“Attachment is a unifying principle that reaches from the biological depths of our being to its furthest spiritual reaches.”

Jeremy Holmes, John Bowlby and Attachment Theory


“Research suggests that failure to form secure attachments early in life can have a negative impact on behaviour in later childhood and throughout life.”

Attachment Theory: Bowlby and Ainsworth’s Theory Explained (verywellmind.com)


“Attachment, even a transitional attachment, can make finding a new pathway forward possible.”

Crittenden P M (2008) Raising Parents. Attachment, Parenting and Child Safety. Willan:USA


“If we value our children we must cherish their parents.”

Bowlby John (1951) Maternal Care and Mental Health. Bulletin of the World Health Organisation 3 355-533


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