Rachael Hoggarth

Specialist Development Lead

Hello my name is Rachael. I began volunteering at Women’s Community Matters in March 2014 having recently relocated to the area. Previous careers had seen me working within the field of childcare and education. As a family we had moved and relocated many times, mainly as a Forces family, but our last big move was to and from South Africa where we were fortunate to live for three and a half years. During this time I diversified and began teaching adults.
My role within Women’s Community Matters is my dream job, I have truly found my happy place. My role began as the criminal justice project worker and the role has evolved as the centre has developed. I am now a Development and Delivery Manager, focusing on the criminal justice projects and supporting clients accessing us via the criminal justice pathway. We have two new projects underway and an exciting new staff base to work with, our work family has expanded to meet the ongoing needs of our lovely clients!
I continue to look forward to coming into work … yes … jobs that foster those kind of feelings really do exist! I know what we do makes a real difference to the ladies we work alongside, benefitting not only them but their families and the wider community as well. To be able to do my job, with the team I work with and for the clients who access our services, I feel privileged.

I work on a project supporting clients affected by human trafficking, modern day slavery and exploitation. I work with both clients affected by those issues historically, and those with an ongoing situation. I work within a multi-agency approach and have established good working links with all the local agencies supporting young people and adults affected by those issues.

I love my role. It’s challenging and sometimes feels like an uphill ‘push’, but I know what I do makes a difference. I try to be the independent person they connect to, and work to help them achieve a safe outcome.