Karen Greenhow

Wellbeing Manager

Having worked for charities for the past 17 years I feel passionate about the work charities do in our community.  They do amazing work and that’s why I continue to work in the Charity sector.  Early in my career I provided administrational support for several charities providing counselling/therapy to people who have experienced abuse.  Curious about what happened in the counselling room I commenced my degree in Person Centred Counselling qualifying in 2014.  As I spent hours with clients who had experienced sexual and domestic abuse, I furthered my skills by training to become a Somatic Trauma Therapist in 2016 so I could provide specialist and specific trauma therapy to my clients who have long lasting effects from the abuse.

Having worked with hundreds of clients I know and have witnessed that people can recover from the effects of abuse and live a happier life.   In my spare time I love to spend time with my family and friends chatting and laughing.  I love walking my dog Dalton, watching rubbish TV, and reading but have to remind myself to switch off from work and not read too many academic books. The role I have in the centre is so exciting as I continue to work with helping people with their wellbeing.   Using my skills as a therapist I can be alongside the staff in helping them to offload their stresses and strains of their professional and personal life.

Working in with people who have experienced horrendous life events can affect us in ways that we do not recognise until it is too late, and professionals can suffer from burnout, vicarious trauma, and illness.  By providing an open door to the staff to spend time looking after their own wellbeing can only make the centre a happier and more productive place.  I feel privileged in my role and although I am here for the staff’s mental wellbeing, they also help me with much laughter and giggle throughout my time in the centre. I am a freelance counsellor and open to referrals. Please contact me if you need any therapy by emailing ……