What will my donation be used for?

Your donation will help us continue to offer support to women, young people and their families both now and in the future.  Last year (2019-20) the Centre supported 1,346 different women and young people.  This includes 899 different women, 315 different girls/young women, and 132 different boys/young men.  This is around 2% of Barrow’s population, although not all of those we work alongside reside in the borough.  Each person’s support costed an average of £338.  This includes all the groups, activities and tailored one to one support.

  • £5 – Last year we received almost 5,000 calls.  Your £5 will help us answer the next call from a women experiencing domestic abuse, a young woman who is struggling to leave the house due to her mental health, a young man who is suicidal, or a mum/dad concerned about their teenager
  • £10 – Last year we welcomed almost 15,000 visits to the Centre.  Your £10 will mean we can be here to welcome the next person that comes through the doors with a cup of tea/coffee and a very warm welcome
  • £25 pays for the first session of support for a woman, a girl/young woman, or a boy/young man.
  • £338 pays for support for 1 person.  This includes offering them tailored one to one support, access to groups and activities, and support from peers and others who have been in similar situations

When people know support is from the community it means a great deal more than the monetary value.  It shows people they are valued and cared for and this has a lasting impact.

We talk to our beneficiaries about where our funding comes from and these are the words from some of those who have benefitted from the service:

“I could not believe some of my support was paid for by the community.  I look at people differently now.  I look them in the eye and smile.  They may have been the one who helped save my life…I may be the one to help save theirs.  A smile can mean the world.”  Women aged 26

“Your help, which I know is possible because of the donations people make, means more than words can ever say.  I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever supported the Centre and thank you in advance to anyone who thinks they might make a donation in the future.  The support I got saved my life.  What I can never repay is that the support saved my children’s lives.  You can’t put a price on that.”  Woman aged 37

“If you have ever supported the women’s centre, I am alive because of you xx” Young woman aged 16

“I know my mum and dad would hug you forever.  I come out of my room now.  I eat.  I sleep.  I have friends and I go to school.  I am going to be a really good adult because I know how to help people like you have helped me”.  Young man aged 14 

“It meant so much being able to go and visit my wife in hospital.  I didn’t know how I was going to pay for all the travel and stuff she needed.  Thank you for all the help with the travel and organising, all the stuff for her whilst she was in, and all the stuff for me and the kids.”  Dad aged 32