#Ibelieveyou is the name for our project that supports victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Below is a list of ways that we do this.

One-to-One sessions

We offer one-to-one sessions with a key worker at the Centre. These sessions are not counselling, but a safe, confidential space where you can discuss your feelings and anything that is worrying you. We can offer support through coming to terms with the relationship you are in, help to leave this relationship safely if you wish to, and any other support you need at this time.

To enquire about having one-to-one sessions, please email reception@womenscommunitymatters.org or call 01229 311102.

The Butterfly Project

A weekly group to explore different types of Domestic Abuse and the effect it can have on you and your family.

We create a safe, non- judgemental space to allow you to share your thoughts openly, or just listen until you feel ready to take part.

You will have the space to talk about your experiences, should you wish to do so, and listen to those of others who may have been in similar situations. You will have the chance to explore different forms of abuse and it may help you to gather your own thoughts and feelings on the topic. Also you will have the chance to form new friendships, and learn to support each other, as well as gaining support from the staff.

The course runs for 6 weeks and the topics covered are:

Types of Domestic Abuse
Physical abuse
Effects of abuse on children
Sexual Abuse
Emotional / psychological abuse
Online Digital abuse

To book on this course, you will need to be working with a Key Worker already at the Centre so you can ask them to sign you up to this course, if you have any questions call 01229 311102 or email reception@womenscommunitymatters.org
My Relationships & Me

A 6 week course to explore the relationships in your life with your partner, children, family, friends, but most importantly the relationship with yourself.

My Relationships & Me aims to help you understand and reflect on the relationships in your life. It covers the different types of relationships you have; with your family, friends, partner and children. The most vital relationship you can explore through the 6 weeks is the one with yourself.

Session themes:

Domestic Abuse
How the brain deals with trauma
Sex and Consent
Body Language
The Butterfly Effect

To book onto this course please email reception@womenscommunitymatters.org or call 01229 311102.
Beautiful Women

Beautiful women is part one of this personal development course, building women's confidence and self-esteem in a safe and trusting environment.

The course aims to help you begin the process of self-acceptance, to challenge the prejudice and discrimination present in society, to experience being listened to and understood within a group and facilitates personal growth to learn to trust others in a safe environment.

Session titles:

Embracing difference
Who am I ?
My journey
Love & Belonging
Reflections & Endings

Sessions are two hours long.

Email reception@womenscommunitymatters.org or call 01229 311102 to book.
Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me is part two of this personal development course, following on from the successful completion of Beautiful Women.

Beautiful Me intends to be a deeper exploration of self through more chalenging activities and topics. Beautiful women explores the world and its impact on us whereas Beautiful Me is much more about a personal journey and how we found ourselves here, recognising emotions, perceptions and responsibility.

Session titles:

The self
Communications & Relationships
Endings & New Beginnings

Sessions are two hours long.

Email reception@womenscommunitymatters.org or call 01229 311102 to book.
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