Join us for Vision!

A third round of Vision is drawing to a close and the programme is evolving as we go. Lots of input from our lovely ladies, this really is an organic process! The diagrams show how we designed ‘Beautiful Barrow’ and what we decided should be near each other to serve our community for everyone’s benefit. We identified what a community needs to function effectively, the good, the bad and the ugly! The diagrams were part of our Community and Citizenship element, a subject not naturally one you would think of as fun, but a genuinely lively and interactive session, a joy to be able to deliver….when I work out how to get them to show up on here I will be able to share them with you!!…watch this space…

Each time I deliver to a new group of ladies, new elements are added as new ideas are discussed, we all come from different families and backgrounds and that is reflected in our life choices. We have had life experiences which, whilst they may not have always been the best of decisions to make, have added to our own personal journeys . The safety and confidential environment Vision and Women’s Community Matters can offer gives the opportunity to openly discuss those experiences without fear of judgement or negativity , if we chose to do so .

I know I have said it before, but I cannot say it enough, I genuinely feel that I have the best job in the world! I work with an amazing team of women who believe that community makes a difference and can elicit change. The best part of Vision for me is watching the friendship groups form and feeling that I may have played a small part in helping our ladies realise an alternative future for themselves.

As Vision becomes more established within the Barrow in Furness area, we are forging ever stronger links with the Cumbria & Lancashire Rehabilitation Company, providing a service which can be accessed as part of a recommendation or voluntary agreement. Vision is a life skills and life style choices course , it encourages me to examine my own personal choices, again the good, the bad and the ugly.  Hopefully the ladies who access it take as much from it as I do.  It is a rolling programme, no need to wait, we aim to get ladies on the course within a couple of weeks of expressing an interest.  If you think it is for you then please get in touch with Rachael at or leave a message for Rachael to ring you back on 01229 311102.

Rachael Hoggarth

Project Worker  Women’s Community Matters

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