Coniston2Barrow Walk

This year we entered two teams in the Coniston2Barrow Walk. After the previous difficulties of Covid in 2019 & 2020 this was a great achievement. We did enter a team in 2021 but this was significantly reduced as the event was hosted in September and not everyone who had previously registered could commit.

So, on the morning of the 7th May with near perfect weather conditions, 11 Walkers started the walk and 11 finished, 100% success rate.

Some may say the C2B of 21 miles is an easier option and in comparison, to the K2B 40 miles, it obviously is, however the terrain in Cumbria is notoriously hilly and not always easy underfoot, but our teams ran, walked and took a more leisurely approach to walk, ensuring all that entered had an enjoyable day.

They had a great support team at various checkpoints ensuring they had all they need in relations to energy, fluids, and pain relief.

We are very proud of each of them and hope that they will inspire some of you to join us next year and help increase the potential for funds with your sponsorship monies.



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