Being, Feeling, Keeping, Safe

Do you wish you felt safe and more confident? Maybe you hope to feel less anxious and meet some new people? Are you sick of never leaving the house? Maybe you haven’t been the same since you were a victim of crime? Or you may have experiences of the Criminal Justice System?

If yes, then Being, Feeling, Keeping Safe (BFK Safe) could be for you!

It’s a 30+ session Personal and Social Development Programme which aims to give ladies a greater sense of purpose, safety and autonomy in their lives through a variety of shorter courses.  The ethos here at Women’s Community Matters is that all of us are created equal and deserve the opportunity to fulfil our potential.

Beautiful Women

You will generally begin the BFK Safe by attending Beautiful Women, Part 1 of our Personal Development course, running over 6 weeks and giving you the opportunity to share your story and strengthen your voice in a safe environment.

My Relationships & Me

Our 4-week relationships course will give you the opportunity to explore what relationships mean to you as well as why we might enter dangerous or damaging relationships.

Keeping Safe

The Keeping Safe 6-week course will focus on online safety, women’s rights, domestic violence, fire safety, victim awareness and overall personal safety.  There will be a number of professionals attending to deliver the sessions including LetGo, Victim Support, Police and a Peer-Navigator from Unity.

Alternative Futures

Threaded throughout BFK Safe will be Self-Defence classes, Heartstart Training and an Alternative Futures programme looking at potential employment, education or volunteering opportunities and the skills needed to obtain these goals – giving you the opportunity to create an alternative future for yourself and your family (input from Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Credit Union, Education providers & Cumbria Voluntary Service).

Beautiful Me

Part 2 of our Personal Development course, Beautiful Me, is the penultimate 6-week course offering sessions around mental wellbeing, emotion and communication.  This deeper exploration of the self comes after the long journey through BFK Safe and therefore will be a fitting time for you to reflect and process complex ideas and difficult emotions.

Every Woman Matters

The final aspect of BFK Safe is Every Woman Matters, a 6-10 week event planning course.  The aim is for the group to plan and manage a celebration event to acknowledge all you have achieved.  The skills needed to successfully put on an event parallel those needed in the workplace: teamwork, commitment, enthusiasm, confidence, and so on.  You will be left to plan and organise the event independently (with a budget for food and advertising.)

The celebration event marks the end of the whole process with agencies, local women and the families of the participants attending to recognise the achievements and growth of all the ladies involved.  This will include speeches and the sharing of stories – hopefully a truly inspiration event for all involved!

To sign up for the programme please email Katy at call on 01229 311102

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