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Coniston2Barrow Walk

This year we entered two teams in the Coniston2Barrow Walk. After the previous difficulties of Covid in 2019 & 2020 this was a great achievement. We did enter a team in 2021 but this was significantly reduced as the event was hosted in September
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Staying Sane In Lockdown

Since the Covid-19 pandemic we have been in and out of lockdown, with different rules imposed on us all the time. We have spent the whole of 2021 in lockdown, unable to socialise or see family and friends. I myself have struggled massively and I know
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Lockdown and children!

Lockdown has been one long nightmare which at the moment seems to be never ending, nobody has the answers we are seeking and all of a sudden parent are home-schooling children while trying to work or maintain the home, adding pressure to an already b
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