Hi I’m Sam, I work here at the centre on the newly developed young men’s project. I have a background in youth work so felt Time, for thought was a natural progression. The group is aimed at young men age 14-16, looking at different topics around issues that we find young men are facing in their lives. We look at topics such as Men and emotions, Masculinity, Identity, Social Media Presence, Anger management, Healthy Relationships and Consent.

We deliver the project at the centre every Tuesday, with our drop in 3.30-4.30 and the structured sessions 4.30-6.30. I also work 1-1 with the young men, which I enjoy. We are currently on our second round of session delivery in a school which is going really well. With the young men from the first group coming on board with us as Peer Mentors, which is fabulous for us as we can see how much the group has helped their progression.