Hi, I’m Bev and I have actively been involved with Women’s Community matters since August 2015. I supported vulnerable women who were accessing the centre that had been referred to me by my previous employer for floating support.

This could have been for many things including mental health and wellbeing, women who had suffered any sort of historic abuse, substance/alcohol misuse and housing problems. When the funding ended within my last employment I could not leave the centre as loved everything Women’s Community did and stood for.

I started volunteering in January 2016 and was very lucky to be offered the post of Volunteer Co-ordinator which I applied for in June 2016. My post involves interviewing, training and supervising volunteers. I will also be delivering group sessions and at the moment do the Cooking Together on a Wednesday afternoon which has proved to be very popular with both volunteers and clients. I do appointments on a monthly basis with the volunteers to help identify any training needs or any issues the volunteers may have. I work closely with other members of staff and other organisations and I am also contracted to do a further 4 hours per week to help with housing advice and with our New Life’s project.

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