Hi I’m Donna, I currently started at the centre in March 2018. I facilitate our weekly group chinwaggers, where we can all get together and chat about various topics, such as menopause, autism, coping strategies. We have developed a new group c
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Hi I’m Sam, I work here at the centre on the newly developed young men’s project. I have a background in youth work so felt Time, for thought was a natural progression. The group is aimed at young men age 14-16, looking at different topic
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Hi I’m Michelle, I work here at the centre as a young persons project worker. I facilitate the delivery of our Pause, for thought programme, which is our project for your women age 13-19 years old. I run the drop in on a Thursday evening 3.30-4
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Hi I’m Karen, I came on board as part the team in January 2019. My role here is Project Worker, I run the Art group, Changing the World together team, My Safety and me and My community and me. I also work 1-1 with ladies. I come from an educati
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Hi I’m Sarah, I work at the centre as the Crisis Prevention Project Worker, funded by DAP, I began working her November 2017. My role here is to support survivors of Domestic Abuse, that can be done through court support, through the MARAC proc
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Hi I’m Kim, I came to the centre on my final placement for my social work degree. Once qualified I became a member of the Staff Team in 2018 and I work on the I Believe You project. I work closely with women who are or have previously suffered
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I came to Women’s Community Matters in October 2015 as a volunteer to put my degree learning into practice and it felt so much like home I have never left. I was lucky enough to become a paid member of staff in June 2016 and the main part of my day
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